“Once an advisor is a long time supervisor”


Yes, that’s my wisdom word. Believe it or not, as I recalled I have at least 3-4 long time supervisor. They don’t have to be related to a university (although mostly do). They were your major advisor at school or at work and influenced you a lot in analytical thinking, sliced and diced you without mercy during the process, but also took you out to a nice dinner or to see different site of the country.

The good things about having a long time supervisor? You keep a good relationship with them. You still impose them on many things, review your manuscripts, asking them about different analyzes, or even just spread out the hot gossip around you. The bad things? Yup, you still get extra questions when you present oral or poster presentation (most of them are technical or statistical test that you used). They can ask you many different favors which may not be related to your present work. And yet, you still get the feeling of not doing a good job when you don’t do these favors. No offense guys, I still love you though…. 😀

But then I have students of my own. My first former student changed his course and became a priest ( 😀 working with me was probably a nightmare to him). The others? I still keep in touch with them, still help them with analysis, review their CVs and applications. Well, I was probably far from being a good advisor to them. I am thinking whether I am ready for all the costs…… To be ready or not to be, that is the question.

PS: If you dare enough for the consequences of being an advisor, check out this powerpoint presentation!