I once read that a woman’s purse reflects a woman’s personality or something like that…. Does it apply to working space? Here, I cited from Jorge Cham’s phd comic, “Life is tough and then you graduate” (page 66). HOW TO LOOK BUSY EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT – make your desk look like you just stepped out for a second (leave out full of cup of coffee and bagel, scatter notes and research papers all over). Well, find it yourself! A story of different working space between 2005-2008.





Conclusion…. Whether I want to look busy or not, there are always these things around my workspace:

  1. Anything that binds: either notebooks, field manual, or text books.
  2. Drinking bottle.
  3. Snacks

So, does working space reflect a person’s personality? One thing for sure, I cannot live without foods…. In fact, I should put it in my first list. Well Diah, I hope you’ll have a better working space this time.