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The beginning of the year is a good time for reflections. Last year, basically 4 months in the field, working on my data, thesis writing, playing around, frustration, rambling musings, blogging… So, why not put them in graph? Okay, I had to admit that working or staying at home were the most difficult variables to measure. First, my schedule list is only in my head (I got this new phobia of writing ‘what to do list’, afraid that I won’t be able to achieve everything). Second, how do we measure our working progress? I have 3 years’ target, annual’s target, and monthly target. Then, what criteria that I should use? My laptop is already active at 6.30 AM and shut downed at 10.00 PM everyday except weekends. But that doesn’t mean that I spent 15 hours of working non-stop (Yikes! I am not that …).

So, I built these correlations mostly based on personal estimation. The first graph is showing the number of postings I put in my blog and percentage of my thesis working progress. The working progress was just monthly progress and was based on my judgment. The second graph is showing the number of postings and the percentage of time I stay at home. Again I have to remind you that the time spent was very subjective. When I put less than 50% time at home, meant that I was somehow out in the field.

So, the results showed that….. Thank God, the time and effort I spent posting and managing my blog did not correlate with working progress (P = 0.71) and time I spent at home (P = 0.14). I probably can say that I put the same seriousness at both what to put in my blog and working on my thesis, both are based on actual findings, scientifically-drawn resource (at least avoiding assumption) and a touch of personality. Then, what is it for my next year resolution? Still postings? Definitely, despite the higher the pile of my to-read-papers (my Endnote is reaching 500 records), the remained chapters that need to be written which include the analyses to run (and additional bonus of confusion), and ………. the incoming deadline of my thesis submission and defense.

Oh noooooo…….. Will I have time? Of course, I have time. I just did not cooperate very well with my time. Wakakakakaka…… Happy new year!