I started as a tiny egg put it nicely on a citrus plant by my mum. She was so picky in choosing the leaf and I was so tiny that other living things may have missed me. I am now a caterpillar. Mmmmm…. I love this citrus plant. The smell and the sweetness of the tender leaves are all my fondness. I am so green with white speckles all around my body.

I eat and eat and eat a lot my caterpillar body grows like raindrops and had to change to a new look. I am still green but lost the whitish on my back. For more than a week I’m keeping this caterpillar stage because I need strength to stay in another stage of my life.

Only one night and I am reaching my seclusion stage. Hanging only by a silk thread I made, I spent days and days as chrysalis. Nobody knows but my body is transforming.


Oh, how long do I have to stay in here?

I want to get out there with my new body and leave no trace but emerging new leaves of the citrus. Who will I become? Is this what human being called metamorphosis? I want to see my own body but I am trapped. I feel like an ugly duckling. But I believe that one day I will turn into a beautiful creature, a butterfly……