You Are a Great Student

You aren’t afraid to crack the books when you need to, and you make your education a true priority.
You could become a PhD in anything, if you set your mind to it. There’s no limit to what you can learn!

Are You a Good Student?


Hahahahaha………….. Am I really? Partly true, the rest is untrue. I think this test is more likely to be asked 15 years ago of my life. Too many things going on around me. Too many interesting things. Window shopping downtown Athens, visiting all the museums in Manchester or just wandering around the city, even trying to control all of those laziness. Have a bit of everything… I think it fits me better this time as a student. I still prefer an A but the value of the journals and books I read, the value of learning new things are worth a thousand times. The true part? I am not afraid of cracking the books when I need to.